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B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom spore syringe

This all-around cubensis is a formidable "survivor" on the market. Because the B+ is so hardy, it may even thrive in colder climates. B+ has the ability to grow mushrooms as long as your underarm.having hollow stems on occasion. As well as huge brown crowns. B+ is so effective that it only stops fruiting when there are almost no nutrients available and the mycelium can no longer sustain itself. If you're new to mycology, this strain is a great place to start.

Ecuador Mushroom Spore Syringe

This is one of the most popular cubensis strains since Ecuador is a classic. Ecuador colonizes slowly, but when it does, there is no stopping it! Ecuador's mushrooms are stunning, with long meaty stems and medium-sized bell-shaped caps. Ecuador has three or more flushes, with the second being the biggest. It has a pal in PFTEK. The spores come in vials and syringes.