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Mondo® Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Mexican

Beginners and seasoned psychonauts alike like the Mexican cubensis magic mushroom grow kit. It appeals to beginners since it grows quickly and has a little impact. But seasoned consumers know better. Mexican magic mushrooms are really rather strong. The Mexican grow kit has shown its worth by producing high amounts of shrooms. An all-time favorite. The first pins and mushrooms should appear between 12-21 days.  

Mondo® Magic Mushroom Grow Kit PES Amazonian XL

The PES Amazonian cubensis is renowned for producing enormous mushrooms. In our Magic Mushroom Grow Kit collection, the Amazonian PES is one of the strongest varieties of mushrooms. You will experience euphoria from these magic mushrooms' strong visual effects. The mushrooms have rounded, occasionally scaled, chestnut-brown crowns as they grow. Easy to cultivate and yielding lots of entertaining results is this PES Amazonian magic mushroom grow kit! A 2 liter (2100cc) XL Grow Kit featuring the PES Amazonian strain is already available. Expand considerably  

Mondo® Mexican XL Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The shroom everyone knows and has taken is psilocybe cubensis from Mexico. This Mexican strain used to be the lone monarch of knowledge in the Kingdom of Magic mushrooms. Many cubensis mushroom strains are now available, but the Mexican is remains the undisputed champion. This XL kit will produce large flushes of powerful Mexican mushrooms with ease. Expect it to take a little longer for the first pins and mushrooms to appear; 2-3 weeks is typical at the present.